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Program Spotlight: Conners Children’s Center Recreational Therapy Programs
Conners Children’s Center

The boys and girls at Conners Children’s Center are unable to stay in their own homes, often due to unimaginable abuse and trauma resulting in behavioral or emotional issues. Therapeutic Recreation activities are offered as a part of each child’s care plan to help them build valuable skills and improve their physical and emotional well-being. It is also the first time many of the children have enjoyed ‘typical’ childhood activities that many others may take for granted.

The children are beating the heat this summer with many exciting activities. Toby, age 7, loves trips to go swimming at the community pool. “I am learning how to hold my breath underwater and float on my back. I am really good at the doggie paddle,” Toby says proudly. Josh, age 12, visited the beach and explains, “It was one of the most amazing trips. The waves were so calming and the water was so peaceful and refreshing to be in.” Nick, age 12, says “The Conners Olympics is one of my favorite events. The water obstacle course was a lot of fun. I remember feeling ‘warm’ that day, which means I was happy inside.” more