Corporate Partnerships

Can Child and Family Services help our business?

Yes. Since 1873, we have had a presence in Western New York, where your company conducts business and where you, your customers and your employees live. We improve the lives of your stakeholders by building healthier, happier communities.

How will that directly benefit our company?

C&FS; reaches over 15,000 individuals, families and households every year. A partnership with us will increase your visibility in the community and align your company with a reputable, established not-for-profit organization. Here are the numbers behind our relationships with clients, donors, volunteers and agency friends:

  • 12,000 children and families served
  • 5,000 recipients of our quarterly newsletter
  • Over 1,800 people receive our email blasts
  • 600+ employees at 14 locations
  • Over 620 people see our Facebook postings
  • Approximately 20,000 hits on our website every month

Your company may be promoted in the following ways (but not limited to):

  • A taped interview, provided by C&FS;, with a representative of your company discussing why you chose to partner with us, featured on our website, Facebook page and in an email blast
  • Media Release, highlighting your company’s partnership with our agency
  • Acknowledgement on our Facebook page, and in our newsletter and email blasts
  • Link to your company’s website or Facebook page
  • When you provide promotional items with your logo for clients at various C&FS; locations

How do we establish a partnership?

If our relationships and mission fit with your marketing and philanthropic goals we can partner in a variety of ways at some, little or no cost to you:

  • Financial contributions
  • Participate: No-Shave November, Theme Days, Heartlight fundraiser, Adopt-A-Family, Fashion Show with a Twist
  • Donate: laundry detergent to Haven House or art therapy supplies to abused children
  • Send: cards designed by our children
  • Collect: Dash’s receipts or old cell phones
  • Sponsor: summer activities for children
  • Hold a Drive: school supplies, hats & gloves
  • Adopt-A-Room: Haven House, Residential Units, Visitation Rooms or Reception Areas

You will also help thousands of others through adoption, foster care, special education, mediation, family counseling, senior companion programs and more. A partnership with Child and Family Services is a win-win-win, as your company, our agency and our community all reap the benefits. Please click here for more information.