Donor Spotlight

As a non-profit organization, Child & Family Services depends on the generosity of donors and volunteers who support our agency in a variety of ways. It is only through the continued generosity of our supporters that we can continue to provide life-changing programs and services throughout Western New York.

Brandi B.: Couponing for a Cause

Imagine if you and your children had to flee your home in the middle of the night without time to pack a single belonging. This is the frightening reality for many Haven House clients. For them, small items like toothbrushes, deodorant and soap can make a huge difference. By combining her passion for doing good with her love of good deals, Brandi uses the art of couponing to provide these essential items to the women and children at Haven House.

We thank Brandi for her generous support of the women and children who are rebuilding their lives at Haven House. Are you interested in donating items to help women, children and families in Western New York? Visit our WISH LIST page to find out how you can help.

Joe Levy

Joel Levy

Joe Levy’s creative fundraising efforts for Child & Family Services was the inspiration for the agency’s annual No Shave November event. After participating in a No Shave November fundraising competition during Graduate School in Colorado, Joe moved to Buffalo and decided to continue the event on his own. “It’s a great program,” Joe explains. “It’s a perfect blend of fun, challenge and philanthropy.”

After gathering donations from family and friends in support of his pledge not to shave for the month, he donated the funds to a local organization. “Not being from the area originally, I talked to friends and coworkers, in addition to doing my own research, and selected Child & Family Services’ Haven House because it helped women and children in need,” explained Joe. Joe’s financial gift helped provide counseling services, financial literacy courses, and other education and training opportunities to residents staying at the shelter.

With Joe’s help, the agency launched its own No Shave November program in 2011. He generously donated his time to provide valuable insight and feedback during the planning stages to help make the first-time event a success. Joe got ‘Hairy for Charity’ during the agency’s 2011 event because he “knew the money was going to a good cause,” and received the award of Top Fundraiser. Joe believes he was able to rally unprecedented support because “the online donation system made it much easier for friends and family to donate.”

Thanks to Joe’s guidance and support, the agency’s first No Shave November event was a great success, raising over $14,000. The funds help to support all of Child & Family Services’ programs and services which help to meet the needs of over 12,000 people in our community on an annual basis. Please join us for No Shave November 2012!

Joe and Joleen Haniszewski

Joe and Joleen Haniszewski

Joe and Joleen Haniszewski are dedicated donors and volunteers who generously support Child and Family Services in many ways. Joe and Joleen first learned about our agency several years ago by reading an advertisement in a local publication which included a donation ‘wish list’ of basic items, such as toiletries and school supplies, needed for children served by our agency.

“I had never heard of Child and Family Services before, but the items they needed seemed so basic, I thought – we can definitely help,” explains Joleen. It was through this first donation of toiletry items that they learned Child and Family Services provides homes to many abused and neglected children who cannot remain in their caregivers’ custody.

The couple has since continued to generously donate a variety of items to the children at our agency. The items needed are basic and inexpensive, and Joe and Joleen love knowing exactly how the donations will enrich the lives children in our care.

For holidays and birthdays, the couple donates decorations and supplies, treats, toys and even their time to the children living in our residential facilities. Throughout the year, they also donate much-needed toiletries, school supplies, and even movie passes – these donations go directly to the kids living in our residential facilities and attending our Stanley G. Falk school.

Joe and Joleen generously volunteer their time to support numerous events at our agency. They have assisted with the day-of preparations for our annual Heartlight fundraiser for five years, and also enjoy wrapping presents for children in our residential facilities during the holidays.

The couple continues to offer their invaluable support to our agency for several reasons. Not only were they impressed by the programs and services provided, but by the one-on-one involvement and support the staff provides to the children in our care. “It is great to see that an organization like Child & Family Services has so many dedicated employees. Everyone we’ve met there is wonderful and truly enthusiastic about their jobs,” explains Joleen.

We extend our sincere thanks to Joe and Joleen Haniszewski for their truly generous and continued support of our agency and those we serve! Their donations continue to make life better for children throughout our community.

Mike and Dona King

Mike and Dona King

Mike and Dona King truly embody the spirit of giving. Recently, they were awarded the Susan T. Siwiec Distinguished Donor Award which recognizes any individual, groups or companies who show commitment, dedication and passion to our agency through fundraising efforts.

Since 1998, Mike and Dona King have supported the agency’s programs and fundraising endeavors through generous donations of time, energy, talent and financial support. Their volunteer efforts extend to our agency in a variety of different ways such as participating in committees for our annual Heartlight event. Dona King is an active volunteer on the Heartlight Theme and Decorations committee and channels much of her creative energy in developing each year’s Heartlight theme. Their company, Kings Express, also generously donates to our clients especially through the Adopt a Family during the holidays.

Donors, like Mike and Dona, make it possible for Child and Family Services to sustain the highest quality of programs and services that our staff delivers to the clients. Through their generosity both of time and donations, we can change the lives of those who need it the most in our community.

Want to find out how you can get involved? Please Development Department at (716) 335-7232 for more information on our current donation and volunteer needs.