No Shave November

No Shave November

Get Hairy for Charity! In a few months it will be time to put away your razor and grow some whiskers, to benefit some very deserving children, and others in need. You will help provide: safety for women and their children escaping abuse, at Haven House; supportive, loving homes for children who have been neglected or abused; support for our Stanley G. Falk School for children with special learning needs; and help for children living in our residences.

By promising to refrain from shaving from November 1st to November 30th you will help raise awareness and funds for children and families who need your help, right here in Western New York.

You can join a team, start your own team, or grow your beard by yourself. Once your fundraising page is set, you can upload a picture of yourself and send requests to friends and family to support your beard growth. And remember to share new photos of your beard growth on a regular basis – they will be used for contests, which will be held on the Child and Family Services Facebook page. Our Facebook friends will vote to determine winners for categories such as Gingerbeard (for redheads), Best Overall Beard, Baby Face and Most Interesting Beard.

To celebrate your success (and provide you with a free shave or trim), we invite you to Shave It Off, presented by Corto’s Salons on November 30th at Corto’s newly renovated South Buffalo location. There will be a lot happening – prizes, fun, food, shaves – so check it out here.

The Prizes (they're cumulative!)

If you raise: You get:
$50 A No Shave November t-Shirt
$100 A New Era No Shave November baseball cap

A sampling of other prizes and give-aways: season passes to Darien Lake, a Cricket Muve smartphone, gift baskets, gift cards to Moe’s, Applebee’s appetizers, and gift cards to Ted’s Hotdogs for the team that raises the most money!

The Rules

Yes, there are rules, but they’re easy...

  • Shave on October 31st and post a picture of your clean-shaven face on your page.
  • Do not shave from November 1st – 30th
  • Do not shave for 30 days… we know it’s repetitive, but it is also important
  • If you shave, you must pay a self-imposed fine of $10 (we trust you!)
  • Every week – or sooner – you will post a new picture of your new beard

The Benefits

They completely outweigh the rules!

  • Get a free No Shave November button to wear so people think you’re philanthropic - not lazy
  • Look like a real man
  • You’ll be cool – everyone will be doing it
  • It will help keep you warm in the chilly November weather
  • Save money on shaving cream and razors
  • Save time getting ready in the morning
  • Help deserving children right here in Western New York
  • You get to attend the Shave It Off event

Here's Some Inspiration

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