What do Governor Cuomo, Twinkies and the NHL Hockey Season have in common? Mediation!

In the news, mediation has been linked to high-profile stories as a way to negotiate and resolve the conflict peacefully and as efficiently as possible. Click on the links below to learn more about how mediation can be utilized in a variety of different disputes.

Federal Mediators to Join NHL Lockout Talks

Mediation and Politics

Hostess mediation fails, so Twinkies company to liquidate

Mediation is a low-cost alternative to help bring a solution to any kind of disagreement. Child & Family Services' Mediation Program, offered through the Center for Resolution and Justice, can work with parties through family, workplace, divorce or any other dispute. To learn more about the Center for Resolution and Justice, call 716-326-2323 or email mediate@cfsbny.org.