Employee Assistance Program

Why Select Child & Family Services EAP?


Child & Family Services has maintained an excellent reputation in the Western New York business community by providing quality EAP services to local area employers for over 25 years. We would be very happy to provide references from other local employers, HR consultants and employee benefits consultants.

Experience With A Variety of Work Cultures

Our customer list includes employers representing various work culture of all different types and sizes in the private and public sector.

Comprehensive Services

Our services and benefits are comprehensive and are able to meet the needs of your organization and your employees.

  • Our clinical staff have experience and expertise in providing assistance for a wide range of personal, family, and work-related issues.
  • In addition to the traditional EAP service components generally offered by most other EAPS, we also offer several other value-added benefits (i.e. specialized consultation for legal, childcare, eldercare, personal budgeting, and nutrition issues).
  • Our menu of work-life seminars includes over 130 seminar topics, which are provided by local professionals representing a wide range of disciplines.

Mission & Values

Our program has always been driven by our mission and values, which includes our unwavering emphasis on accessibility, responsiveness and customer service.

Fair & Ethical Fee Structure

Other than the fees we charge to employers to cover the costs for our services, Child & Family Services does not receive any financial benefits or incentives from any national or local consultants for the acquisition or implementation of EAP contracts.

Locally Based

Child & Family Services is a local organization which is familiar with the needs of the local business community. Being locally based also allows us to be much more accessible and responsive to your organization, your employees and their family members.

Stable Management Team

Rob Schwartz, Vice-President of Community & Workplace Services has provided management and leadership as the EAP Director for almost 25 years and is fully committed to "customer service" and is always accessible and responsive to our client organizations. The other two members of the management team have been with the program for an average of 12 years each.

We're Here When You Need Us

The most critical reason for selecting Child & Family Services as your EAP is that when you call us, you will be speaking with the staff who are responsible for actually providing the services for your organization. When you contract with a national EAP, you will generally be calling an "800" number and will be speaking with a "customer service representative" in some other part of the country. Think about the last time you had an "excellent customer service" experience when you attempted to call for assistance with your computer, your internet service or even your health insurance benefits.