Employee Assistance Program

Specialized Services

In addition to the core services and benefits provided through our program, we also offer the following Specialized Services:

  • Trauma Care Services
    • Consultation for your human resource department regarding workplace trauma;
    • On-site crisis management services;
    • On-site critical incident debriefing sessions;
  • Work-Life Consultation & Referral Services:
    • Legal concerns;
    • Childcare resources*;
    • Eldercare concerns and resources;
    • Personal budgeting concerns*;
    • Nutrition Related Concerns*
  • Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) Compliance Services
    • Consultation;
    • Employee education;
    • Supervisory training (Reasonable Suspicion);
    • Referrals to qualified substance abuse professionals for evaluation services.

(* Some geographic limitations may apply)