Employee Assistance Program

Our Management Team

Our EAP staff is dedicated to outstanding customer service and quality care. Our staff includes mental health professionals who are certified in social work or other disciplines. All of our staff have experience and expertise in mental health, relationship and family issues, domestic violence, trauma, chemical dependency and other addictions.

Rob Schwartz, LCSW, CEAP
Vice-President of Community & Workplace Services
EAP Director

Mr. Schwartz has been the Director of the Employee Assistance Program since 1983 and has been directly responsible for the marketing, management, and growth of the program for over twenty years. Initially trained as a clinical social worker, receiving his MSW from SUNY at Buffalo, School of Social Work, Mr. Schwartz has extensive experience and expertise in mental health, family therapy and chemical dependency. Prior to joining Child & Family Services, Mr. Schwartz held clinical and administrative positions at Alcohol & Drug Dependency Services, a comprehensive treatment facility for alcoholism and drug abuse and was a family therapist at Catholic Charities. He has provided consultation to several other local and national EAPs, has provided training for various agencies and other EAP providers and has been a guest lecturer and a field instructor for the SUNY at Buffalo School of Social Work. Mr. Schwartz is an active member of Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) and has been an advisor for other EAP counselors preparing for the CEAP certification process. In addition to his primary role as EAP Director, Mr. Schwartz has been instrumental in developing and implementing Child & Family Services’ Quality Improvement program, which has been consistently incorporated into the overall management of our Employee Assistance Program.

Cindy Jackson, LCSW, CEAP, CASAC
Manager of Workplace Services

Ms. Jackson joined our agency in 1997. As the Manager of Workplace Services, she is responsible for the overall management and training/promotional services for all of our EAP accounts. Ms. Jackson received her MSW from SUNY at Buffalo, School of Social Work. Prior to joining our staff, she was an alcohol/substance abuse counselor for more than ten years at Erie County Medical Center, providing clinical services in the detox, outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation departments. In addition to her primary clinical responsibilities, Ms. Jackson was also an internal EAP Coordinator, providing services for employees of ECMC. She has been a field work instructor for graduate students from the School of Social Work and recently was recognized as the School of Social Work’s Alumni Of The Year. Ms. Jackson is directly responsible for coordinating the initial introductory process for new EAP accounts and for consultation/implementation of strategies for program promotion. She works very closely with all of our EAP liaisons and EAP Advisory Committees and along with her staff, is always accessible and responsive to the needs of our customers.

Kathy Eisenried, LCSW
Supervisor of Clinical Services

Ms. Eisenried has been a member of our staff since 1988. Prior to being promoted to Supervisor, she was one of our Clinical Consultants and provided short-term counseling as well as assessment/referral services for employees and families associated with our EAP accounts. Ms. Eisenried also received her MSW from SUNY at Buffalo, School of Social Work and has had extensive clinical experience in mental health and chemical dependency. Prior to joining our program, Ms. Eisenried has been a Senior Counselor at Horizons Human Services, Director of Social Work at Bry-Lin Hospital, and Women’s Veterans Coordinator at the VA Medical Center. As the Supervisor of Clinical Services, Ms. Eisenried is responsible for providing regular supervision and consultation for all of our clinical staff and affiliates. She also provides consultation and clinical services for supervisors and employees associated with our EAP accounts and has provided critical incident debriefing services for employees affected by workplace trauma.