Haven House

Counseling, Advocacy and Support Groups

Counseling, advocacy & support group services are available to victims of domestic violence regardless of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. Call the Haven House hotline at 716-884-6000 to access any of the services outlined below.


Victims of domestic violence often feel afraid, alone and they have no one to talk to about what is happening to them. Haven House counselors are there to help – they will understand. They will meet in person with individuals to explore ways in which they can protect themselves from their abusive partner or family member. Counselors will provide education on the dynamics of domestic violence, support to overcome the isolation and negative effects of abuse, and empower individuals to make decisions that are best for them and their own situation. Safety plans are developed with each individual seeking help through Haven House. Haven House counselors will work with individuals to identify and remove the obstacles that may be barriers to escaping the abusive relationship, such as housing, finances and education, and will identify other community resources that may be helpful to them. Counseling is confidential and it is offered in safe confidential locations throughout Erie County.


Haven House advocates help victims through the often – overwhelming experience of being in the Justice System. Advocates provide individual assistance with understanding the legal options available to increase a victim’s safety, including Orders of Protection. Advocates help clients access various court systems and can accompany them through the multiple steps of the legal process. Advocates are available during the hours in which most courts are in session throughout Erie County, including evenings. Haven House staff can also provide advocacy with other agencies as needed and identify other community resources that can be helpful.

Support Groups

Haven House support groups provide the encouragement and inspiration needed to continue to create a new life free of violence and to deal with the concurrent frustrations. Support groups help to overcome the isolation experienced by most victims of family violence. Support groups meet weekly and are facilitated by Haven House counselors – day and evening groups are available, and groups are held in urban and suburban locations. Groups address a variety of topics such as safety, the dynamics of domestic violence, community resources, assertiveness, self esteem, working with other professionals such as attorneys, planning for the future, parenting child witnesses to domestic violence, economic empowerment, etc.

Computer Safety

Be aware that computer use, internet activities, and e-mail can be tracked. For more details about Internet Safety, click here. If you are in danger, please use a safer computer, call 911 or the Haven House Hotline (716) 884-6000.

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