Mediation and Prevention Programs

Bullying Prevention Program

Bullying is a growing problem inside schools and among peers of all ages. Child and Family Services’ Bullying Prevention Program is designed to meet the needs of the students, staff and parents at each school with the goals of decreasing the threats of bullying and improving peer relationships. Our professional staff are trained in the worldwide Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The Olweus Program has been implemented in more than a dozen countries around the world.

Team Based Approach


  • Survey of School Bullying Issues/Needs. Completed by students and faculty.
  • Assembly
  • Teacher Presentation/Training
  • Parent Presentation/Training


  • All classrooms receive the same interactive presentations per week.


  • Individual interventions to include mediation, Victim Offender Conferencing or Peacemaking Circles.

Please click here if you or your school district are interested in learning more about the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.